What are “Friends?”

So it’s been a couple of weeks since some things have went down and now it is time for me to tell ya’ll about this since I am sure of myself (well I’ve been sure about it for about 2 weeks now but it’s been long enough).

Long story short, about a month ago Kireston, Chasity and I have stopped speaking to each other as friends, as associates, well basically we have stopped associating with each other all together! Kireston and Chasity still speak but me, on the other hand, has moved on with my friends Shalisa & Keviona. Now I know ya’ll would love to know what happened for us to just split like that but it really is a loooonnnngggg story that has so many parts it may just confuse you just like it confused me haha!

Anyways, I can say that although Shalisa, Keviona & mention them here and there in our conversations I actually don’t miss them. I can truly say i have found two great friends & like I said before I pray that they are life long friends because they are AMAZING!

I have found that they are encouraging and they don’t judge me for anything I’ve done! They REFUSE to let me give up on ANYTHING & they have my back! Talking to them makes me feel like I have known them for a lifetime and that’s the sign of true friends!

I’ve learned this semester that it’s not the quantity of friends but it’s the quality of friends that matters. See people who claim to be your friends are going to come and go but true friends will stay with you until the end. Now yes I’ve only known Shalisa & Keviona for a semester BUT I already consider them my friends and life long friends!

So what is a true friend? The world may never know because everyone’s version of a true friend is different. But my version of a true friend is someone who will ride for you and die for you…bad boys for life (yes that was on Bad Boys 2 haha)! The message behind this post is to please realize who your true friends are because once you let a true friend walk out of your life it’s hard to find another that can measure up to them.


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