Happy 89th Birth Granny Virginia!


Today was an AMAZING day for my family! If you remember about a month ago I created a post about my Great Grandmother, Granny Virginia, who had been placed on hospice due to health and her elderly age. Well today we celebrated her 89th birthday although her birthday is on Easter Sunday!

Although she is immobile she enjoyed her birthday party from her big comfy chair in her living room. She heard everyone’s voices (she went blind a few years ago) and was giving us the business like she always does haha! She told us she wanted soul food and soul food is what she got! Dressing, chicken, greens, cabbage, corn, green beans, you name it was possible that it was on that long buffet table! She wanted to be surrounded by her family…that’s what she got! She wanted the kids to have an Easter Egg hunt…she got it! She wanted everyone to have fun like we always do…she got it! We wanted her to have fun and enjoy herself…we got it!

I am so grateful that she is here to celebrate her 89th birthday with us. I can’t bring myself to fast forward and think about the future because I am enjoying her in present day. Her jokes give me life and laughs and I couldn’t ask for more. She continues to be strong as we do the same in her presence. Again for her being here to see her 89th birthday I am so grateful!

I am leaving you, well this post, with the quote below because I feel that this quote speaks a million words. It many mean something different for you than it does to me but we may all be in the same ballpark. Live by faith…hope for more than the expected…and make sure everyday is joyous !

“Live Life One Day at a Time.”  


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