Just Listen

Have ya’ll ever just really felt alone in the world? And I mean really alone as on no one to talk to or anyone to listen?  Well I have ALWAYS felt that way. As large as my family is I still have no one to just sit and talk with yet alone just listen to me. It’s a terrible thing to carry with you especially when you really need someone to talk too.
Pistanthrophobia, or the fear of trust,  floats over me like a grey storm cloud and seems to never leave. Family can’t be trusted and it makes me feel like I’m not even a part of a family.
I am grateful for the two friends I have now and the fiends I still talk to from high school (that number is slim to none). They listen to me even when I need to vent and that’s all I’ve ever wanted was for someone to just listen.  Is that too hard to ask from anyone?  Just too listen?  😤😤


2 thoughts on “Just Listen

  1. Ally Fiesta says:

    I’m like that which is why I write. It’s also why I help others as much as I can. It’s great you have TWO friends. Always more quality of friendships than quantity of friends that matters.

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