Sex vs. Education: Which Do You Choose?

Well NO video because I can only upload videos on the premium plan on WordPress & I am TOO FRUGAL to pay WordPress $99! But let me tell ya’ll the reason behind this post.

Yesterday, I was tuning in to a guys conversation, he attends my school, and he said “the only reason I came to a predominate women school is to have sex!” Now that left me thinking. And today I was tuning into a conversation with two ladies and one of the girls said “by the end of my senior year I may have an STD because I plan on having sex with multiple guys!” Listening to those two sparked this post!

I know why I’m in school! I want that nice little degree so I can be a licensed dietician so I can have a steady job. I know, for a fact, that I can ALWAYS have sex later but now I need to stay focused! And let me be honest, if I wanted to go to school for sex I would have just been a porn star or a prostitute. So I KNOW my goals!

And to those two who are putting sex before education here is what I am telling ya’ll:

For the guy~ if you have to attend a school that is predominantly female then you are a bigger jack ass than anyone thought! They might as well call you a damn sugar daddy1

For the two young ladies~ if you believe you are going to have an STD by your senior year of college then you have NO expectations for yourself! Your parents, hopefully, taught you better then that and you should want better for yourself. 

Now lets try this again: Sex vs. Education…Which one do YOU choose? I choose education! What about you? Drop your comments below and let me know what YOU choose!



Erriel J


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