The Glue That Holds My Familiy Together

I am typing this post as I think about my family whom I love oh so much. A few days ago my Great Grandmother Virginia (Courtney Virginia; we use her middle name) had a series of heart attacks and was rushed to the hospital. Since then, she has began having heart failure, kidney failure and was placed on hospice. She came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

Today, my family gathered at her house on the hill and just celebrated her because we don’t know how long she has on this Earth. Since she has been blind for a few years now she can recognize just about everyone’s voice when they speak to her.  I know on the inside all my family members are sad and don’t want to see her go but I know I can’t be sad and here is why. My Great Granny has been on this earth for 88, almost 89, years and has lived a long healthy life. She has had many experiences and life lessons that she has shared with us that we will NEVER forget. Within her years of life she has created 13 other lives and without those 13 other lives being brought into the world we probably wouldn’t even be on this Earth yet alone with each other. We wouldn’t exist…

As she always does, my Great Granny has been popping jokes and making us laugh like she normally does despite the pain, if any, that she is in. She doesn’t show fear. She heard us all laughing and she felt her family’s togetherness that we always have and it brought her joy. She is our family’s glue and she has always held us together! My family has a sense of love and a strong bond that is stronger than many families combined. Sometimes I have wondered what it will be like when she is gone because our super glue will be gone and will be in spirit with the Lord. But I know that whether she is here on Earth or in a pure white gown floating in spirit that she will ALWAYS be my family’s super glue!

~Life on this Earth is temporary no matter how long or short your life is. Earth is a temporary stop for us and we are not guaranteed a place on it but we are gifted that chance. We just have to know how to make our temporary stop a great stop!~


Erriel J


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