Does My Size Matter?

So this has been recently on my mind and I am ready to tell, and ask, ya’ll what ya’ll think and I want honest opinions. Tonight I am speaking from a woman’s point of view.

Now I know everyone, men and women alike, have their “preference.” You may like a thick chick, a skinny chick, short chick, or even tall chick!  But I have one question~ Does size really matter? If size does matters then why does it matter to you?

Let me be honest with ya’ll (I’m always honest with ya’ll but still). I am a thick chick! I have curves and I know how to flaunt them! I haven’t been skinny since I was in elementary school since I hit puberty! But I love being a curvy and I wouldn’t change anything but why is it that certain people I know and meet think my size matters?

I, like many other women in the world, have been told “maybe you should loose weight” or “have you ever tried  this diet?” Maybe you have bee ntold the same thing but vice versa!

Let me tell ya’ll a quick story: I was in the grocery store looking for something and I accidently bumped into a guy. He was my age and actually pretty handsome if you ask me but the look on his face said otherwise. I told him I was sorry for bumping into him since I was the one not paying attention but what he said next left my mind frazzled. “I only talk to skinny girls…so you can talk to me when that happens…” Yes that is what he said. I am never at a lose for words and told him, “That’s fine. I’ll talk to you when your penis gets bigger since we are talking size!” He them proceed to be angry as his friend escorted him a different direction. Now what if I was a different woman? What if I went home and shot myself for what he said? Then what? Would size still matter?

Why? Now let me finish  my question~ Why does my size matter but my beauty doesn’t? Why does my size matter but my personality doesn’t? Why does size matter but my ability to hold my own doesn’t matter? Why? It will never make sense to me or many of the other women in the world.

What a future partner fails to realize is that size doesn’t make the women. Confidence makes the women and trust me I wear my confidence proudly! So size shouldn’t matter because I am not my size. I am Erriel J.M. Dennis! I am Code Ariessta! I am a confident woman and proud of it!



Erriel J 🙂


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