A Mothers Worries

As you all know I have one person in my life who calls me momma & her name is Halee but I call her my Halee Bug. She means the world to me, I value her opinion and if ANYTHING happens and she needs me she knows without a doubt I will be there for her no matter what. But for the past two weeks she hadn’t returned any of my text messages and knowing me, of course, I began to worry! I just didn’t know if anything happened to her, if she was in trouble, in a hospital somewhere in the middle of nowhere or whatever the case may be I didn’t know about it and my nerves were SHOT! My nerves were so shot that I almost went to some of her friends on social media to see if anything had happened to her luckily I kept majority of my sanity and didn’t go that far.

Thankfully, yesterday while I was cooking I came back to a text message and guess who it was from? HALEE BUG! I have never been so relieved to see her name on my phone in my life and that’s a promise! I was in so much relief I almost forgot I was frying fish ha-ha! But we talked and caught up with each other and she was just a tad bit busy and trying to figure certain things out within her life.

I’m always going to say that I am grateful to have this experience to be called Halee Bug’s momma because it makes me feel some type of way on the inside, I know she not only looks up to me but she respects me and we have a special bond that can NEVER be broken!And trust me I will NEVER change my words.

But anyway GOOD MORNING and I hope everyone has a great day! šŸ™‚


Erriel J šŸ™‚


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