Thoughts Going DEEP on a FRIDAY!

Good morning to all & a round of fuzzy socks! So lets get right into this if we shall. All last night I had some things on my mind and I was trying to  sleep so you can tell I had some issues on the brain.

I am always giving friends advice, older friends and younger friends, when they need it most or when they ask for my advice. But as of last night I began to wonder if the advice I give to them is good advice or if it can actually help them out in the long run. Sometimes it’s just in the back of my mind that I am NO help to my friends.

Although they tell me that’s great advice I often think they are not being truthful with me. But I know that my advice does help some of them because they tell me the results of listening to me but then again I could be wrong and things could just simply backfire. That is all I have to say for now. Love ya’ll, stay warm & have a great day!



Erriel J


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