Interesting & Fun Day with Friends

Today, as you all know, I attended my high school (North Crowley) to talk to the AVID classes today and let me tell you it was interesting. I was cut off by certain people and at one point I became upset and didn’t really want to talk anymore but I continued to talk because I had a message to relay and I was going to do so.

But on a better note I got to see my color guard sisters, my cousins and, of course, my Halee Bug! I can’t even lie to ya’ll I think I was more excited to see my guard sisters and Halee more than anything. I honestly didn’t really care about talking to the avid students I was just ecstatic to see them especially my Halee Bug! When I seen her I light up like a mother should because I haven’t seen her, or the others, since Senior Night back in October. I also gave Halee her Christmas gifts (a Forever 21 giftcard, Barnes & Nobles giftcard & a king size Hershey Bar) when I seen her after class and I walked with her and her boyfriend, Kedrin, after school.

I just am not ready to go back to school in Denton yet because I am going to miss my Halee Bug and my girls. Now don’t get me wrong I am going to miss my family too and I can talk to my girls via text or social media but it’s not the same as seeing them in person and seeing their faces (sigh). But I know I will see them soon.

I also spent the day with my friend Te’Wuanna. We went and had lunch with

Well I guess that is all for now plus my pictures of my outfit today! I hope everyone has enjoyed their day because I did! Love ya’ll!!




Erriel J 🙂


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