College Craziness with Sisters

So today, as I mentioned in my previous post, I not only talked to avid classes but I also got to see some of my guard sisters and see my Halee Bug (she is also in colorguard BUT she has called me mama since day 1 so she is my child). I have 3 guard sisters who are seniors (Camille, Jalexia & Sydni)  and will be graduating high school in May or June which meant I knew they would possibly ask questions about college and anything relating to college which did happen actually from Camille and Jalexia.

Now I am not telling them, “YOU NEED TO GO TO MY SCHOOL BECAUSE SAY SO!” But I am telling them to apply for as many scholarships as possible, take those college tours and go to the college that not only accepts you but the college that “has your heart (hope that makes sense to you).” As a “big sister” I do want them to be able to get that education that they want so they can pursue their future careers. You can call me a big fluffy softy but I don’t mind haha!



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