A Special (Late) Christmas Gift

After telling you all about the gifts I was getting my Halee Bug (the giftcards and candy bar) I felt bad because I really wanted to get her something that she could keep for a lifetime. But this passing Christmas I couldn’t find anything that she would possibly like although she said she would have loved anything I gave her regardless.

Anyways, today was the day I gave her gifts to her and she not only had a huge smile on her face but she also appreciated her gifts and gave me a huge hug that was priceless. I am just glad I could get her something she could use to get her something that she liked.

Now I know what you are probably asking…“Erriel J did Halee get you anything?” And the answer is YES she did get me something. She gave me a clear container and it took me by surprise when I looked inside the small clear container…it was a silver ring with a turquoise pearl in the middle. I am still at a loss of words when I look at it. This is one special gift that I have received that I will never forget amd I will never loose. Now I have my class ring on my left ring finger and my ring form Halee on my right ring finger.

I love my Halee Bug to bits and pieces and I can’t thank her enough for the impact she has made in my life. Now like I said before you can call me a big fluffy softy but I will gladly accept that because in all reality it is the truth about me. I am a softy who cares deeply about certain people who enter my life & I have to admit that Halee is the one person I am not only a softy for but I am her mom, her protector, her counselor and more importantly her friend.

I am going to leave you all with this quote: “A mother’s treasure is her daughter. “
— Catherine Pulsifer


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