2014 Avid Alumni

Well I am turning in for the night. I have to wake up early, like 7am early, pick my friend Te’Wuanna up from her house and head to our high school so we can talk to the AVID classes about college. I am actually pretty darn excited because I get to see my guard babies, some of my favorite teachers and I get to catch up with some of my fellow avid classmates.

Thankfully I have my purse full of snacks and we get an hour lunch break because I know I can survive off of snacks alone but I need my full course meals. I honestly believe I, along with my former avid classmates, can get it through their thick skulls that college isn’t fun and games because trust me after my first semester experience I can vouch that 100%. But this should be interesting.

Goodnight ya’ll! I hope everyone has sweet sweet dreams! 🙂



Erriel J 🙂


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