Annual Christmas Eve Breakfast

There is only 16 hours and 48 minutes left until my family’s Annual Christmas Eve Breakfast! I am so excited to see my family that I can’t sleep or contain my excitement! This breakfast happens at my Great Grandmothers (Granny Virginia) house and the entire family, on my moms side, gets together and just hang out. Since my Granny Virginia is getting older (she is 88), ahs gone blind and has been getting sicker everyone wants to get together and just show love not only to her but to each other.

As always, I am the “Waffle Chick.” Every year since the first ever Christmas Eve Breakfast I have always been on waffle duty and nothing has ever changed. I still make the waffles and my mother, along with my cousin LaTisha (Tish), cook everything else! I am usually of some assistance when cooking because I not only enjoy cooking BUT I enjoy being the taste tester haha!

But the truth is I am really just looking forward to seeing my family since I haven’t seen most of them since my graduation in June. I am especially excited to see my cousin Dezarai who is my older cousin by 8 days…yep those St. Patrick’s Day babies aren’t a joke but Aries girls do it better! Anyways, we both graduated last year and have finish our first semester of college. Unlike me, she is an athlete so I know she has many interesting stories to tell.

Hope everyone has a great day & stay warm! I know it is cold and raining (or snowing) everywhere!



Erriel J 🙂


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