Christmas Shopping for my Daughter

Well I have been out and about in search of Christmas gifts for my family and I can say I am having a tough time finding things for them except for my brother. If I can find a toy that lights up, makes noise and possibly moves then I will be fine. Everyone else doesn’t know how to properly hint what they like or want.

But on the bright side I have found a few things for my Halee Bug, if you need a refresher she is the sweet girl who calls me mama, and still in the process of finding a few more items for her. So far I have gotten her two gift cards: one to Forever 21 and one to Barnes & Noble. All I need to find now is a teddy bear, or a Disney plushie, and I think she will be set!

Now I have gotten the question “Erriel why are you doing this for her and she isn’t really your child?” Well of course I have an answer and here it is: “I know Halee isn’t my biological child but for Halee to call me her mama is enough for me. I don’t care that she isn’t my biological child because we have a bond that is greater than just a friend. Christmas is the time of season for giving and that’s what I am doing. She knows that when she needs advice or just needs me to be there I will be there 100% with an open heart, ears and mind. She doesn’t have to ever worry about me not being there for her because no matter the situation I will ALWAYS be there for my Halee Bug!”

So yes I have brought my crazy out of the box child a Christmas gift haha! I can’t wait to give it to her. Now I am going to sign off and finish up some things before I head back out! Love ya’ll and have a spectacular day!


Erriel J 🙂 ❤


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