Proud Big Sister Moment!

As you all know I was a former colorguard member back in high school and I still consider my a big sister to the girls. ANYWAYS let me tell you what happened!

One of my guard sisters, Camille, asked me to text her through Instagram because she had something to tell me. So we began texting and guess what? SHE GOT ACCEPTED INTO TEXAS WOMAN’S UNIVERSITY!!! I promise out of everything that has happened today she has made my day even if she doesn’t attend this school she has still made my day! I couldn’t be any more proud!

Now I have to get back to studying! Math is kicking my butt!!



Erriel J 🙂 🙂 🙂


One thought on “Proud Big Sister Moment!

  1. Sean Matthews says:

    Congratulations too her on her acceptance! Maybe you can show her around next school year! She seems like a bright young lady who will do great in life!


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