Halfway Through

It is October 24, 2014! I can’t believe how fast my first semester of college has almost vanished! It is truly incredible and I am still in shock.

I can say that everything is going FANTASTIC!! I aced my history midterm with a 96!!!! Holy cows alive I have never been so happy and proud of myself! I can say I survived Hell Week One of college now I have to survive Hell Week Two: Final Exam Week. Now that is going to be tough but I can manage.

My roommate, the new roommate, has officially moved out. Well she hasn’t officially moved out but she has packed up her closet and her bed spread and hasn’t showed her face for about a month. That is fine with me though it’s better than sharing a dorm room with someone who will bug the hell out of you and try to do slick things on the slide. Thankfully I have a group of friends who love coming to my room almost everyday.

My first half of my freshman year has been filled with joys, sorrows and so much more. I have been down memory lane numerous times having flashbacks back to high school and back to my colorguard days. I have had the joy of meeting all these amazing people at this time and so much more. I can’t believe in less than 2 months, I will be entering my second semester. It is truly a blessing!

As always, have love in your hearts and remember why you do the things you do.


Erriel J 🙂


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