This week has been HECTIC! This was midterm week or the week I would like to call “Hell Week 1.” This means that I am half way through semester one of college! Luckily, I only had one midterm to take and that was for history which was pretty easy because I had to write two essays and I knew the topics. I have lost so many hours of sleep, on top of the hours of sleep I have already lost, and some hunger for a home cooked meal.

Luckily, again, I had a turn around yesterday! My friend Tanaja decided to take a tour of Texas Women’s University and I got to see her! I haven’t seen anyone from high school, well anyone who was still is high school, since the homecoming game a few weeks ago. I have never been so happy to see anyone in my life! I showed her around a little since I had 2 hours to go before my English class. Sadly I had to leave for English and I almost felt sad leaving haha!

I am hoping and praying I passed my history midterm though! I studied so hard my eyes were about to pop out! If I do I will post it with fireworks!

Hope everyone has a great night. Do what I am about to do…GET SOME GREAT SLUMBER! GOODNIGHT!


Erriel J 😛


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