High School Homecoming 2014 as a High School Alumni

If you don’t already know I am a North Crowley High School graduate which makes me a North Crowley Alumni member! Since I was in town this weekend, and since I made a promise to my colorguard sisters & guard daughter, I attended their high school homecoming! Can you believe they actually thought I wasn’t going to show my lovely presence? I am a women of my word so of course I was going to show up and show out! The lovely young lady who calls me Mama, Halee, was actually about to cry when she seen me. I almost cried too because I miss being a member of the colorguard family even though I am ALWAYS apart of the colorguard family. But on the other hand, my guard girls (and Robert) looked like a million bucks!!

I seen my cousin, Kamryn, who is in Silver Stars which is the name of NoCro’s drill team and she did what she had to do!

And since it was homecoming of course I was going to see some of my fellow NoCro alumni friends. It was like a mini class reunion for us and it was a load of fun.

Being back at North Crowley High School brought back so many memories for me. Being in the stands dancing as the band played sections of music, performing on the field during half-time and socializing with friends. And seeing my guard babies (yes I said babies) perform in their uniforms I had some tears in my eyes. I felt like a mother watching her child go off into their kindergarten class on the first day of school.

But on the other hand, NORTH CROWLEY WON THE GAME!!! When I was a senior last year, we didn’t win ANY of the games and I mean that literally! But when they scored within the first minute of the game I knew that they would have the game in the bag!

There is NOTHING I would change about my high school experience. I wouldn’t change any of the people I have met or the relationships I have built. I am so proud of my girls, and Robert, the football team, the Silver Stars…EVERYONE! I couldn’t be more proud to be a NoCro Alumni!

Until next time, have a blast from your past and remember where you came from!



Erriel J 🙂




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