College Work

Okay everyone I know what you are thinking: Erriel J why are you discussing college work? Well here is my lengthy answer!

I have NEVER been this tired from homework in my life! I am so tired I was typing my history paper half sleep and dazing at the screen! The only time I have ever been this tire was during my freshman, sophomore and junior year of high school when I was in colorguard. Trust me waking up at 5:20am every morning for practice, having football games every Friday and having competitions on Saturdays was not the easiest thing in the world. And at that time I STRUGGLED to keep up with school work because you are so tied at the end of the day you don’t do homework.

I honestly believed that high school would prepare me for college when in reality I don’t feel like it did. All the speeches about “this test will prepare you for college” and “if you study a certain way” didn’t really prepare me for anything. I knew high school and college were two totally different places but you never think of it as college you think of it as high school just twenty times harder than high school. I love my high school teachers, well some of them, and I value their speeches.

I see the same material that I seen in high school the only difference is that it is in depth. I get homework in college just like I did in high school the only difference is that I get ten times the amount and it is only twenty times harder! So my message in this blog post today is that high school is nothing like college! Your professors don’t care if you fail a test or a quiz, well some don’t, and they don’t expect you to ask to retake it. You are at college for a higher to pursue the career of your dreams. College isn’t like it is depicted in the movies either. the whole “college is one big party” isn’t true at all by the way. They just show you that to make you go!

That is all I have for tonight! So for all you college students please remember why you are enrolled in college and high school students don’t go to college for the wrong reasons. Have a peaceful night and think about your future.


Erriel J



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