Welcome to All

It has never dawned upon me that maybe other individuals would be interested in my college life. Being not only a child but a young adult growing up in this generation is tough. I am apart of the lost generation where guidance that our parents had wasn’t given to us, where Wal-Mart is the place to work and where social media is in control of our everyday lives. But I have decided to put just about everything aside to pursue my dream in going to college to get a degree in Nutrition! I moved an hour away from my home in Fort Worth, Tx to Denton, Tx where I attend Texas Woman’s University! Leaving my fam bam, especially my brother who has special needs, has been tough but being only an hour away I can always go home!

I am taking YOU on my journey through my college life and all my new adventures within my four years of transitioning. You will learn all about me: my pet peeves, my loves, my desires and most importantly about where my heart is! Welcome to College Life with Erriel J!! šŸ™‚


Erriel J


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