What To Do on Valentine’s Day as a Single Person


Dear single person
First of all, you must know that you aren’t alone. I am also single and this for 21 years now, wait it even gets better I’m 21 years old. Last year I was depressed about this fact on this special day, which is only meant to be for lovers. As a child, I was excited for my parents, excited for them to spend a romantic day. But since last year they are divorced. So, I really have no reason to be delighted on this day.
Actually, I can claim that I have experience with being single on Valentines’ Days. For me, it has always been just another normal day. But I admit that I usually spent a short time of these days thinking why I have no lover again this year. I guess I am just waiting for the right person to fall in love with. First, let me explain to you how I will spend my Valentine’s Day this year. Then I will give some advice, which could help you to spend your Valentine’s Day as a single person.
This year the Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday, this means the most people must go to work, it also means that we won’t see many annoying couples during the day outside. This fact doesn’t matter for me because I will probably be at home the entire day. I’m still on my semester vacations, therefore I don’t have to go to the university. I will wake up early at 8 a.m. and eat breakfast as always. Then I will be studying until noon. After lunch, I will keep studying maybe until 6 p.m. Really boring right? Yes, I know. But wait, it’s my day, not yours. In the evening I’m going to watch some new episodes of the series “Greenhouse Academy” on Netflix, the second season will be released exactly on this year’s Valentine’s Day. After eating dinner while watching Netflix I will sleep and will have survived the day.
Now my advice for you
If you’re someone who will be depressed on this day because you’re single or you just have broken up with your ex, then you shouldn’t spend the day on your own. Find another single person, this could be one of your friends, siblings, cousins or just somebody you know very well. If you have nobody then you got me, send me a direct message on social media so we can chat about this terrible day. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @erenblogs. Afterwards, you can do with this person any activities you both enjoy. You could cook a nice meal together, watch your favorite movie, do any sport, go to the gym, which will probably be empty in the evening. Just have fun with this person. But avoid going out somewhere, where all the couples will be. This means no cinemas, no restaurants, no malls, and no places in nature, where couples can go for a romantic walk. In this case, our aim is to stay away from the couples. Most important avoid social media apps, because every couple will share their cute pictures with the hashtags #forever, #valentinesday, #valentine, and #LOVE. Just log out yourself for the whole day, the next day nobody will care anymore.
If you’re ok on your own with being single. Then you can spend your day alone. You could do a wellness day, take a long warm bath, use a face mask and cook a healthy meal. Also, do your favorite type of sport to feel fit and healthy. In your case, you can go outside and see the couples, just ignore them and focus on yourself. Go to your favorite places and enjoy yourself. You can also stay at home like me and watch movies and series of your favorite actors. Or just read the book, you always wanted to read but never had time for. You could also make a list of the characteristics your dream lover should have. Who knows maybe you will meet him/her the next day.
To end this blog post I want you to know that even you’re not in a relationship yet, you are worth it and loveable. Don’t think the opposite! Love yourself every day and true love will find you one day for sure.
Yours Sincerely
Eren @erenblogs


Single Bloggers V-Day Series: Surviving Valentine’s Day

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It’s officially that time of year again. The day that most couples enjoy and won’t ever stop talking about. Yep you guessed it…Valentine’s Day!

Now before I get deep off into this I just want to say that I am NOT a Valentine’s Day hater BUT it’s like us single people don’t feel the love just because of the obvious lack of a lover. That’s why I’m here to tell you all that you are loved and the 1st person to love you is YOU!

While all those couples are all cuddled up doing their romance thing this year you will be surviving Valentine’s Day! How exactly? Again, that’s why I’m here! To give you pointers on how to survive this Valentine’s Day while still feeling great about yourself!

1. Who needs a date when you are your own date? Or maybe a friend…

Yes I said it! Take yourself, or a friend, on a date! Sometime at the moment our friends make the perfect date and you don’t even know it! Dress up and go out to dinner ow even a funny movie?


2. Absolutely NO MOPPING!

What are you so sad for? Get off of you butt and be happy! You’re not single because you’re a loser or because you aren’t attractive. You are single because you have standards higher than some peoples ego’s and that should be appreciated! Don’t allow anyone to tell you different.


3. Feed your soul AND your face!

Again why not? You have to show your stomach some love too! Take yourself out to a nice restaurant and then go do something fun!


4. Rediscover the love for yourself!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to always mean showing love and affection to others but it can also mean showing the same to yourself. If you don’t show yourself love then other people can see that. You have to start with yourself before you can start loving someone else and that’s a fact! You don’t have to go buy yourself a spa package, although that sounds lovely right now, and you don’t have to go spend hundreds of dollars doing something for yourself. You can show yourself love by getting more sleep, writing to clear your head, or simply relaxing for the day and enjoying your own company. LOVE YOU!


There you have it! My guide to surviving Valentine’s Day this year as a single person! Enjoy being single while you can because once it’s over…it’s OVER! Enjoy this moment and take it in! You are awesome no matter what anyone tells you!

Why I Love Traveling

I’m single for Valentine’s day this year. And that means I save a lot of money. Relationships take time and commitment. Someday I’ll be in one again, but for now I’m riding solo. I seize each day and maximize every moment. For me, that means traveling. I’m currently backpacking through New Zealand. If I was in a relationship, I couldn’t buy a one-way ticket and travel the world. Being single on Valentine’s day frees me up to treat myself. Here’s why I love to travel

When I was growing up, my family spent so much time taking these road trips. We hung dry our clothes, we never went out to eat, my mom had Folgers coffee instead of having Star bucks. Travel was our one thing. We punted most other luxuries in life. We could cram into our Chevy Venture minivan, see all America, and have my sister and I fight over what VHS tape would go in next (remember those)? The drives were long and boring sometimes. There was plenty of yelling and fighting between the four of us, but I was about to see the whole united states of America before I graduated high school. In school, I would learn about the battle of Gettysburg, get lectured, and see some black and white videos. On these vacations, I saw Gettysburg with my own eyes. I saw re-enactments from the civil war. That brought history alive for me. I experienced different cultures around the united states. I experienced how the spoke, what they wore, what they ate (YUM!), and how they added to the American cultures. When we went to Alaska, my dad and I went to the actual towns. We skipped the tourist traps and saw the small businesses that were the backbone of Alaska. I got the best souvenirs from these locals. I met people from all over who would help me understand the world that I saw.

From these experiences that I’m so thankful for, I ventured out on my own and went to England by myself. For a month. I grew so much during that month and I was so grateful for my friend’s hospitality. I loved going to the local pubs and talking about my country and theirs. We both had so many misconceptions and stereotypes, but talking as people we got to understand each other so much better. I met so many new people and friends throughout the month. Even though I had only a backpack for everything I held, I felt home with the warm hospitality of others. The world can be scary sometimes, but not everywhere all the time like CNN would suggest.

I’ll never forget to have Christmas in Liverpool. I woke up Christmas morning and my good friend Jesse told me to come down for presents. My parents gave me money for my trip, so I figured I would watch him open his. When I get down there, his parents point to a pile of presents and told me they were for me. I was so speechless. I had no idea this would happen. I still smile when of this memory. I loved the fun of the last few days of my trip in London. I had another friend show me around the city the entire day! Again, I saw the parts that were London and didn’t fall for any tourist traps. When I flew back home, I now had a global perspective on how big the world is.

I’m now vlogging and blogging about my travels. I enjoy documenting these trips for a few reasons. The first is I can look back in time and see how far I’ve come. I also get to expose my friends, family, and followers parts of the world they will never experience.
On a trip to Phoenix, I got to help out with a non-profit that helps get women back on their feet and reunify them with their children. There has been no big news story. No heartwarming article was written. When I was there, I gave a little shout out on one of my Youtube videos. If I was traveling and meeting new people, few people would know what kind of good in the world exists. There is so much more good in the world, we don’t show enough of that positive change.
Through my travels, I continue to gain new insights, make new friends, and see how much more good there is out in this amazing world.


**Giving a HUGE thank you to Nate Johnson for guest posting for the Single Bloggers V-Day Series!**

Single Bloggers Valentines Day Diaries

As we welcome the month of February we are also closer to the most recognized day of this month…Valentine’s Day! Well for some of us, who don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is the last thing on our minds while all the couples around us swarm trying to find the perfect gift.

Well not this year!

I’ve started the “Single Bloggers Valentine’s Day Diaries” series for us Single Bloggers who will be loving ourselves this Valentine’s Day season! For the next 13 days guest bloggers will be featured, leading up to the day, and their take on being single this year.

This year I’m giving all us Single Bloggers a chance to actually hate Valentine’s Day, I don’t but some may, and do so freely! I hoojust bayou enjoy the series!

Backpacking During the Holidays


Growing up, I was always around family for the holidays. I celebrated Christmas with my immediate as well as extended family on both sides. In December 2015, that changed. I backpacked the United Kingdom during the month of December, which meant I would be away from my family holiday traditions for the first time. I would miss out on Christmas on both sides of my extended family and cousin gift exchanges. With my immediate family, I would miss the tradition of Junk Food Day. It’s a day where we go to the grocery store and buy junk food we normally don’t eat. I wasn’t sure how it would go. To say I was blown away by my friend’s hospitality was be an understatement. 

Every family I stayed with was incredibly gracious. I experienced my first English Premiere game, experienced the German markets in Manchester and Birmingham, and have a most festive Christmas in Liverpool. I’ll never forget having Christmas in Liverpool. I woke up Christmas morning and my good friend Jesse told me to come down for presents. My parents gave me money for my trip, so I figured I would watch him open his presents and celebrate with his family. When I get down there, his parents pointed to a pile of presents and told me they were for me. I was speechless. I had no idea this would happen. I still smile when of this memory. I thought “I have nothing to give back”, “How will I bring all of this home”, and “This is more than I get at home. I should try this more often”. We spent the morning opening and enjoying presents. That night, I took part in a very delicious five-course meal with friend’s family.

I had fun eating with my friends and their families and learning about how their traditions. I learned Boxing Day is an actual holiday. It’s a bank and public holiday, so families get another day to spend time together. Boxing Day originated in the 1800s. IT’s also a full day of watching futbol (soccer) and so I watched my friend’s favorite team Liverpool play. I celebrated that day almost as much as Christmas.

I learned the families I stayed with had more formal traditions than my own family. My family has a laid back Christmas. I fondly enjoyed dressing up and having nicer meals and afternoon tea. I could most certainly celebrate the holidays in England again.



**Looks like Nate Johnson had a BLAST backpacking during the holidays! A huge  thank you for being  a  guest blogger!**

Christmas Fly!


It’s that time of year again! Everyone is preparing for their annual Holiday Parties and you, ironically, have absolutely NOTHING to wear! You can’t just show up in any old rages because you have to match everyone’d Christmas Fly.

In this post, I have compiled 3 different outfits for 3 different types of holiday parties.


We all go to them and someone hosts an ugly Christmas sweater party at least once in their life but this outfit is a little different. We still keep the ugly sweater theme BUT we’re making it cute too!


The casual holiday attire is exactly what it means…CASUAL! Unlike the ugly sweater outfit it’s casual but not too causal that you just lounge around the house. This outfit is prefect for the office holiday party.


Now I don’t know who exactly hosts formal holiday parties but someone out there does and if you’re invited to one you must come prepared to slay! So dress up in white and pair it with your baddest red heels, bag, and lips! The gold earrings make the outfit pop by adding a bright element to the outfit.

I think you’re ready! You are officially ready to head to the party and make heads turn! No one will be able to tell that you had nothing to wear and hey it can be our little secret. I won’t tell if you won’t!

2017 Christmas Wishlist!!



The Christmas holiday is near and like everyone else I have created my very own wishlist! Now what’s the likelihood that I’ll actually receive any of these as gifts? Well there’s a super small chance that I’ll actually receive any of them and I’ll have to buy them for myself but hey that’s why it’s called a wishlist right?

Lately I’ve been doing some window shopping and these items sparked my interest.

This item was on my list last year as well but I just absolutely love this James Avery Renaissance Key Pendant. Something I’ve said for the past few years is that I want that special someone who has the ONLY key to my heart. I know it’s cliche but that’s something I want for Christmas at some point in life.

Something warm and cozy is also on my list and what better way to stay warm than with my favorite character Mickey Mouse! I noticed this cute Mickey Mouse Silhouette Sweatshirt in the Disney Store a few days ago and it’s been on my mind ever since. This sweatshirt is cute and simple which is what I love and it’s timeless.

Now I love what my next wishlist item stands for. The Kay Jewelers Personalized Color Stone Claddagh Ring.  The two hands represent FRIENDSHIP, the heart represents LOVE,  and the crown represents LOYALTY. This ring can also be worn in different ways to determine you relationship status. I just love this ring and I do believe it would be something neat to pass down to my kids someday.

I am a photogenic person an love taking pictures but getting them printed seems like a hassle sometimes! This item is fairly new and I want to give it a try. Having a portable printer, when using it correctly, can be a time saver and I can print my pictures right then and there. This HP Sprocket Photo Printer  is not only cute but it’s convenient and stylish.

Last but not least I am finally embracing the traveler in me! This year has been one for traveling and I want to be able to document my travels and where I’ve been. This is why I decided to put the Personalized Scratchable World Map. I want to be able to remember where I’ve been and I think this is a fun way to do it.

That’s it! That’s my Christmas Wishlist! Is there anything on your Christmas Wishlist? Something you can’t keep your eyes off of? Please share it with me in a a comment below! Happy Wishing!