Backpacking During the Holidays


Growing up, I was always around family for the holidays. I celebrated Christmas with my immediate as well as extended family on both sides. In December 2015, that changed. I backpacked the United Kingdom during the month of December, which meant I would be away from my family holiday traditions for the first time. I would miss out on Christmas on both sides of my extended family and cousin gift exchanges. With my immediate family, I would miss the tradition of Junk Food Day. It’s a day where we go to the grocery store and buy junk food we normally don’t eat. I wasn’t sure how it would go. To say I was blown away by my friend’s hospitality was be an understatement. 

Every family I stayed with was incredibly gracious. I experienced my first English Premiere game, experienced the German markets in Manchester and Birmingham, and have a most festive Christmas in Liverpool. I’ll never forget having Christmas in Liverpool. I woke up Christmas morning and my good friend Jesse told me to come down for presents. My parents gave me money for my trip, so I figured I would watch him open his presents and celebrate with his family. When I get down there, his parents pointed to a pile of presents and told me they were for me. I was speechless. I had no idea this would happen. I still smile when of this memory. I thought “I have nothing to give back”, “How will I bring all of this home”, and “This is more than I get at home. I should try this more often”. We spent the morning opening and enjoying presents. That night, I took part in a very delicious five-course meal with friend’s family.

I had fun eating with my friends and their families and learning about how their traditions. I learned Boxing Day is an actual holiday. It’s a bank and public holiday, so families get another day to spend time together. Boxing Day originated in the 1800s. IT’s also a full day of watching futbol (soccer) and so I watched my friend’s favorite team Liverpool play. I celebrated that day almost as much as Christmas.

I learned the families I stayed with had more formal traditions than my own family. My family has a laid back Christmas. I fondly enjoyed dressing up and having nicer meals and afternoon tea. I could most certainly celebrate the holidays in England again.



**Looks like Nate Johnson had a BLAST backpacking during the holidays! A huge  thank you for being  a  guest blogger!**


Christmas Fly!


It’s that time of year again! Everyone is preparing for their annual Holiday Parties and you, ironically, have absolutely NOTHING to wear! You can’t just show up in any old rages because you have to match everyone’d Christmas Fly.

In this post, I have compiled 3 different outfits for 3 different types of holiday parties.


We all go to them and someone hosts an ugly Christmas sweater party at least once in their life but this outfit is a little different. We still keep the ugly sweater theme BUT we’re making it cute too!


The casual holiday attire is exactly what it means…CASUAL! Unlike the ugly sweater outfit it’s casual but not too causal that you just lounge around the house. This outfit is prefect for the office holiday party.


Now I don’t know who exactly hosts formal holiday parties but someone out there does and if you’re invited to one you must come prepared to slay! So dress up in white and pair it with your baddest red heels, bag, and lips! The gold earrings make the outfit pop by adding a bright element to the outfit.

I think you’re ready! You are officially ready to head to the party and make heads turn! No one will be able to tell that you had nothing to wear and hey it can be our little secret. I won’t tell if you won’t!

2017 Christmas Wishlist!!



The Christmas holiday is near and like everyone else I have created my very own wishlist! Now what’s the likelihood that I’ll actually receive any of these as gifts? Well there’s a super small chance that I’ll actually receive any of them and I’ll have to buy them for myself but hey that’s why it’s called a wishlist right?

Lately I’ve been doing some window shopping and these items sparked my interest.

This item was on my list last year as well but I just absolutely love this James Avery Renaissance Key Pendant. Something I’ve said for the past few years is that I want that special someone who has the ONLY key to my heart. I know it’s cliche but that’s something I want for Christmas at some point in life.

Something warm and cozy is also on my list and what better way to stay warm than with my favorite character Mickey Mouse! I noticed this cute Mickey Mouse Silhouette Sweatshirt in the Disney Store a few days ago and it’s been on my mind ever since. This sweatshirt is cute and simple which is what I love and it’s timeless.

Now I love what my next wishlist item stands for. The Kay Jewelers Personalized Color Stone Claddagh Ring.  The two hands represent FRIENDSHIP, the heart represents LOVE,  and the crown represents LOYALTY. This ring can also be worn in different ways to determine you relationship status. I just love this ring and I do believe it would be something neat to pass down to my kids someday.

I am a photogenic person an love taking pictures but getting them printed seems like a hassle sometimes! This item is fairly new and I want to give it a try. Having a portable printer, when using it correctly, can be a time saver and I can print my pictures right then and there. This HP Sprocket Photo Printer  is not only cute but it’s convenient and stylish.

Last but not least I am finally embracing the traveler in me! This year has been one for traveling and I want to be able to document my travels and where I’ve been. This is why I decided to put the Personalized Scratchable World Map. I want to be able to remember where I’ve been and I think this is a fun way to do it.

That’s it! That’s my Christmas Wishlist! Is there anything on your Christmas Wishlist? Something you can’t keep your eyes off of? Please share it with me in a a comment below! Happy Wishing!

Welcome to BLOGMAS!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and anything else that can read!


It’s that time of year again and I am so excited to be taking part in my second blogmas as as blogger!

I have some festive themed posts lined up for the month of December as I count down the days until Christmas and I can’t wait to unveil them!

I’ll be hitting all the good stuff such as my widhlist, gift giving guide for him, her, and friends, Christmas styles,  my holiday favorites, and looking back at my year of blogging! In October I hit a full 4 years of blogging. Isn’t that exciting?

In all honesty, I hope everyone enjoys reading my posts! Have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

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Couples Wedding Attire Guide

We are still in wedding season and there are couples out there who need help! The real question is…“What do you wear to a wedding?” Now the answer to that question varies. Firstly, what kind of wedding are you and your Love Bug attending? Is it a beach wedding or is it a traditional wedding? You have to know where you’re going before you know how to dress!

I have compiled 5 different outfits for 5 different types of weddings for you and your significant other that will make everyone’s head turn!


Casual Wedding

We all go to the traditional casual wedding which is great but some of us an get a tad bit too comfortable and too casual! You don’t have to go all out but don’t go as if you’re going to the grocery store. Simple dresses or skirts with a natural look for the Mrs. and simple dress pants with a simple button down for the Mr.!

Semi-Formal Wedding

Now if the wedding you’re attending isn’t casual BUT it isn’t too formal you need to dress SEMI-FORMAL! This includes your cute dark cocktail dresses and suits!


Beach Wedding.jpeg

It’s my dream to attend a beach wedding AND to have a beach wedding of my own but people think it’s hard to dress for the beach but in all reality it’s very simple! Firstly, high heels of ANY sort is a NO-NO! Keep is simple and keep it cute with sandals so you won’t sink in the sand! You should think breezy, comfortable, and weather appropriate which means you need to think about where you live exactly!

Drk & Sophisticated Wedding

You receive your wedding invitation and you have to get all sexy and sophisticated! It’s important to go DARK because dark is not only sexy but it’s also sophisticated and mysterious. Black is the go-to and should be paired with colors such as red or red-orange to give the look a pop of color and your Mr. will be in a traditional tuxedo!

Black Tie Wedding

Dark and Sophisticated is completely different than Black Tie! Black Tie is toned down versus Dark and Sophisticated. The dress is a simple black cocktail dress but your Mr. will still be wearing his classic black tuxedo!

White Tie Wedding

The ULTIMATE type of formal…the kind of wedding that can be considered A ROYAL WEDDING…the WHITE TIE WEDDING! With this type of wedding it’s a MUST that you come looking like you’re related to the Queen of England! For the ladies you’ll arrive in full length ball gowns, in brown or black, and glamorous hair and makeup. The gentleman shall arrive in a tuxedo with a tail, a bow tie, formal shoes, and white gloves for dancing if you feel the need for them! “If you are looking for inspiration then check out this wedding suit and tuxedo page for some fashionable ideas.You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the Great Gatsby at this wedding!

Also here is a wedding guest style guide for an extra boost!


There you have it! 5 different styles for 5 different weddings from casual to Great Gatsby formal! Now you and you’re Love Bug will be the HOTTEST couple at the wedding well next to the bride and groom of course! Just remember that it’s not your spotlight to steal! Happy wedding season to you all!




Okay everyone lets be honest: Aren’t you almost always busy? Are you so busy you can’t stop and do the research or do the math? I can honestly say that with school starting I understand the EXACT feeling! It seems like there’s so much to do but not enough hours in a day but there’s help! ReviewsBee has come to our rescue and has done the research for us and all we have to do is simply read them.

ReviewsBee has gathered expert and consumer reviews and created top 10, or less, lists for popular products or even tips!

Now I have to admit that this ReviewBees infographic is my favorite because I will be traveling with children in the future and it’s important to know how to travel with toddlers because they don’t understand traveling just yet. Thanks to ReviewsBee they made traveling with toddlers easy as 1…2…3!

tips to travel with a toddler


Here is another infographic pertaining to children and convertible car seats.

car seats


ReviewsBee also takes your health into consideration! I mean if you don’t then who will?


If you are like myself and need a little extra help doing your research you should DEFINITELY check out ReviewsBee! I’ve already followed some of the things listed on the Secret of Healthy Sleeping infographic and I must admit it is extremely helpful! When you stop by tell them Erriel JD from Erriel J’s Life Chronicles sent you their way!

AUrate Summer MUST-HAVE Collection Debut

With summer items still in season it’s important to remain fashionable, comfortable, and most importantly…COOL!  AUrate prides itself in offering conflict-free jewelry and giving back to the community; for every pair of earrings sold, we donate to an undeserved public school system. I waned to share some of my jewelry and styling tips with you. AUrate has released a Summer Must-Have Jewelry collection that that contains solid gold collection pieces, Gold Bar, Diamond Bezel, and Cuff Earring, which have been designed with functionality and durability in mind. So no matter where you are you can be comfortable and fashionable!

I’ve put together images of AUrate’s necklaces and earrings and will be sharing with you how to wear these items with certain colors and outfits to make them stand out for any occasion!




Look at these beautiful necklaces! They’re simple enough to wear to a place like work BUT they are also beautiful with an evening out outfit or maybe wedding attire! Wearing these necklaces with bright colors will make them POP along with stud earrings! Bright colored tops, such as yellow and orange, can be worn along with a cute pair of slacks OR dark colored jeans will be the perfect outfit to wear.



Have you ever heard of cuff links? Well how about cuff earrings? If you are a person who likes both stud and hoop earrings then these cute cuff earrings are the perfect mix! They’re small like studs and they dangle, just a tad, like hoops. Pairing any of these cuff earrings with dark colors will make them stand out because light colors will take away from them and drown them out. These earrings would also pair well with a dark, black for example, dress!

What did I tell you? Cute and simple…right? I would love to wear these pieces everyday with my outfits and I would love to wear them for special occasions to stand out from the crowd!

If you are interested in purchasing any items from AUrate and would love to help a school in need please visit the AUrate website and don’t forget: You can be fashionable and stylish in the boardroom and the event room with the perfect jewelry!